Freshmen Student Body Candidates


Sydni L, Staff Writer

This week is voting week for Student Body Freshmen Candidates. Each candidate was interviewed and asked different questions on their viewpoints.

Brady Tipper, running for president, was asked why he wanted to join Student Council. “I wanted to be in Student Council because I love helping people out every chance I get. I care about this school and the students that make it. So I want to change the school for the better.”

Kinsley McKinney, also running for president, shared her passion for the position. “I knew I wanted to make a difference here at MHS, but I didn’t really know the first step to take. Then when we talked about running for positions, I told myself being president was my first step. So this way I could really listen to the student body.”

Audrey Elliott, running for Vice President, spoke about how stressful this week has been. “I would say not knowing very much about what was going to happen this week, along with having to worry about people writing on and tearing down posters.”

Caroline Hall, also running for Vice President, explained how campaigning differs from middle school. “There are more kids here, and you are running for higher positions rather than just trying to get into the class itself.”

Finally, Harper Helms, running for Secretary and Treasurer, was asked how it felt being the only person running for this position. “Running unopposed has allowed me for a less stressful and enjoyable campaign.”

Make sure to vote on Friday, October 21, for the Freshman class. Voting will close at 3:00 p.m.