Our First Semester is Coming to an End

Lola H., Staff Writer

With the end of the semester coming up, students and teachers must prepare themselves for exams. This time of year is stressful for students; some are still determining if they will pass.

Before exams, most people study a night or so before their test, but doing that doesn’t help. All this does for them is cram all that information quickly, which can make them more stressed and pressured. “I don’t think most students study much unless they try and cram for a test. I plan on studying all of next week for the final, and I’ve been studying since the start of this week to pass an exam for Adobe visual design” Brooklyn M, a freshman. If you want to start studying, it’s easiest and more valuable to start a week or so ahead; that way, the information sticks.

Whenever studying, there is a simple answer to help with stress. Taking breaks while studying helps you not become as pressured by all the work and regulates a person’s productivity and ability to focus.
Some students don’t want to study or take their exams seriously. “I think more than half of the ninth graders do not right now because they don’t think they can do that bad or fail” Brooklyn M. During this time, though, seniors are seen taking more of their time on these tests knowing that they’re almost graduated. “There’s a mixture of students who study and don’t study, but I definitely have classes that mean more to me, like AP’s, than some of my others, so I try my best to study for them so I can pass,” Lexie S, a senior.