Curfews Can Affect Teenagers Health

Curfews Can Affect Teenagers Health

Carlie W, Staff Writer

Curfews are very common for American teenagers. Many teens do not like their curfew, however they think it’s reasonable for them to have one. Student curfews can vary from 6pm to midnight. Others change on school nights, but not all of them do.

Some curfews seem more reasonable than others, ¨I think on school nights it’s reasonable, but on weekends I think it should definitely be extended to at least 10:30PM.¨ says Alyssa Lester. On school nights Alyssa’s curfew is 9pm and on weekends her curfew is 10pm, but her parents wish her curfew was earlier. Is there a compromise? 

Jonathan Young says “my mom would probably be mad if I got home later than 10pm.” The consequences of being late for her curfew would probably be getting her phone, books, or her craft supplies taken from her as a punishment. Jonathan doesn’t have her license but she does think her curfew is reasonable because she doesn’t want to wake up her family whenever she arrives home. Some students may get their keys, vehicles, or license taken away though for being late to their curfew.

Parents give curfews for many reasons, what makes them decide on how late or early your curfew is going to be? Hailey Boyd says that her curfew is reasonable and keeps her safe because she’s a bad driver in the dark, and knows it is for the best.

Whether you have a curfew or not your parents’ decisions are what matters, they more than likely have reasoning and maybe even have experience to reveal why their curfew is so strict or not as strict as your classmates around you.

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