Thespian Tuesday at Our School


Sam W., Staff writer

Tuesday 28 2023, Students at McDowell High did a theater themed spirit week. This spirit week day was to wear blue and yellow to show the schools pride. Mrs. Wilson says the reasoning behind blue and yellow being chosen for this spirit week was that “it’s the international colors of Thespians with the blue, yellow, and white.” 


Many people decided to show their titian spirit for many different reasons. Some are in theater and “wanted to get extra credit”. Others just found their favorite team’s shirts happened to be pink and wanted to wear it. Like Carter Fiddle when he said, “I just decided to wear my Rams Jersey today because it’s pink.” Dr. Samuelson wanted to “help with supporting the drama program”. Mrs. Bramlett and Mrs. Star both agreed to dress up because they “wanted to support the theater students and other arts classes as a whole”.

You may also wonder why the Spirit week as a whole is themed around Theater arts, Well Mrs. Wilson is the reason behind this wonderful idea. She says she sent a email to Mrs. Bennett about how its International Thespian month and Mrs. Bennett thought it was a great idea. 





Many people believe that this is a great idea and should be done again. Many are fans of these spirit weeks year after year. We hope you think so too and can’t wait to see you participating in the rest of this week and the many spirit weeks to come.