Have You Heard of Elementals?


Zidney from Noun Project

Sam W., Staff writer

Everyone has been hearing about this upcoming 2023 movie of Pixar’s Elementals coming out June 16. From the trailers we can see it starts with a world made up from all the different elements as people. We can see people made of water walking down the street alongside people made from clouds. There seems to be two main characters in this story. Our first main character is a guy named Wade Ripple who is a water elemental, there’s also a girl made from fire named Ember Lumen. 

The amazing cast of Pixar is working hard to make this movie a reality. The wonderful actors are working hard too to bring these characters to life. The actors for the 2 main characters are Leah Lewis playing Ember and Mamoudou Athie as Wade. 

Many people are excited about this movie because the main characters remind some people of an older game that used to be on Flash called ‘Water-boy & Fire-girl.” It gives a nostalgic feeling from playing this in their middle school and early high-school years. A Mcdowell student says “that’s just like the Fire-boy and Water-girl game I used to play,” another says “yeah I remember a game that looked like that.”

Many people are excited and can’t wait to see this upcoming movie. Many will be filling up the theaters to see this amazing film. so get your tickets now. Whether you watch it in movies or on your tv, hopefully you’ll enjoy this movie.