Stan Lee’s Legacy

Aras Lavender, staff writer

Stan Lee or Stanley Martin LIeber was born on December 28th 1922. Lee was an American comic book writer, editor, publisher and producer. He passed away on November 12 2018 from cardiac arrest with respiratory failure and congestive heart failure with underlying causes at the age of 95. Stan Lee got his start with Marvel in 1961.The first superheroes Stan Lee created for marvel was the Fantastic Four, but he has been creating comics since he was a teenager in 1939. Stan Lee co-created Iron-man, The Hulk, and The X-men.

According to “Joan Celia Lee (Stan Lee’s daughter) is in charge of her father’s legacy, she owns all of Stan Lee’s money and controls the finances of his massive estates.” Stan Lee has been in almost every marvel movie even after his death, he is usually in the background for a few seconds and sometimes he says a small line. Lee was loved by Marvel enthusiasts including Thomas Rapan claiming “Stan Lee was a great dude, sad that he is dead he made so many good superheroes.”

Stan Lee’s last words were “God bless, take care of my boy, Roy.” Roy is referring to Roy William Thomas Jr. an American comic book writer and editor. This left many people confused because Stan Lee did not have a son. According to “fan speculation Stan Lee was talking about none other than Spider-Man” this is because Lee was protective of the character and “fought” with Marvel publishers over him. Stan Lee was cremated and according to Porter McKinney “he was cool and everyone loved him.”