Be More Chill, The Musical Be More Chill official musical cover

Sam W., Staff Writer

You may have not heard about this great musicical Be More Chill but here’s what you need to know. The main character, Jeremy Heere, is your average high school junior that believes he’s a loser. He gets bullied by a guy named Rich Goranski. At the start of the musical he yanks Jeremy’s backpack and writes “BOYF” on it. He tells him if he washes it off he’s going to beat him up. So Jeremy walks down the hall and then he sees his best friend, Micheal. He is a shorter guy with a red jacket showing a small Philippines flag and a pride flag. Jeremy tells Jeremy about how much of a loser they are and Micheal replies, “well there’s never a better time to be a loser.” All of these events show the main character wanting to be less of a loser and more cool as well as possibly help his friend too.

Most commonly the musical is played by young adults or high school seniors due to some more adult-like topics giving it a PG-15 or PG-17 rating in some showings. Some Mcdowell students say, “we would love to do this but the school district might not enjoy it.” states, “according to reports, after their production of “Be More Chill” opened last Thursday night, school administrators moved to cancel the remaining performances due to the “mature content” in the show. The show had been advertised with warnings of the content within the show and that parental guidance was recommended. But that wasn’t enough and now the students involved won’t be able to play in front of the full houses they envisioned they would.” As this and some of the rest of this article show, this can be a bummer to many high school students who love and enjoy this musical. As mentioned, young adults usually perform this musical so they have a chance.

Joe Iconis, the musicals producer, got and produced this musical idea in 2015 from the Be More Chill novel written by Ned Vizzini back in 2004. Many people did not know there’s a book and believed the musical was the original story. the musical is two and a half hours long and can be similarly compared to the 320 page novel

This musical is a great show for many to see. Many people enjoy this musical and will for many years. Hopefully this helps people understand the musical, where it originated from, and go out and watch it if they haven’t.