Thor Vikström Donated His Own Island


Raegan H., Staff

Thor Vikström is a 93 year old man who lives in Quebec, Canada. Last year, he donated his island, Île Ronde, so that others could enjoy its beauty and wildlife. It was donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, which is a land conservation organization and this means that the land won’t be changed or developed. “Nature was more important than some stupid money in my pocket.” Said Thor Vikström.

Île Ronde not being developed is especially important because it sits between two large Quebec cities, Montreal and Laval. Conservationists say that this is good for struggling urban wildlife. The island could be an exceptional habitat for local species, especially northern map turtles.

Vikström is an entrepreneur and has lived most of his life in Laval, where he has a home by the riverside with a view of Île Ronde. Ever since he bought the island in the 1960’s he’s made many memories there. His children grew up playing on the island and his family camps on the island. Vikström enjoys nature, watching migratory birds come and go on his island. He promised that he would protect Île Ronde and he has kept his word. 

He said that many people tried to buy the island over the years, but no matter how much they offered, he wouldn’t sell it. “I bought the island because I couldn’t see it destroyed.” He said. Laval and Montreal are both highly developed cities, but Île Ronde remains an undeveloped woodland full of diverse flora and fauna. And the island is on its way to becoming a wildlife reserve, thanks to Thor Vikström’s donation.