Spirit week : Neon Day


Lola H., Staff writer

Neon day is finally here and what a great way to show our school pride than to dress up and show support for the homecoming game! Students and faculty are walking through the halls showing off their neon colors. 

Many students have taken part in neon day to show off their bright colors through fun outfits. Even with many participating, not as many people showed up in neon and this showed how popular ‘Jersey day’ and ‘Adam Sandler day’ had proven to be compared to the rest of spirit week. 

Piper P., a ninth grader, was dressed up today and told us, “All the bright colors kind of hurt my eyes, but I think the idea of neon day is fine. We could have had a more unique idea instead though.” Another student said ” I don’t like neon day. It feels like too much.”

Spirit week is almost over with the final day being tomorrow’s ‘Titan Pride’ to show off the school spirit.